Your full (stack) potential has arrived

We've built a space where data skills and creativity are all you need to build insanely powerful full stack data apps.

"I just love your tool. It's awesome. Simple, powerful, and lean."

Pavel Chocholouš, Product Manager & Data Addict @ Keboola

Go from idea to data app in minutes

You don't need to learn web development, wrestle with Python environments, or struggle trying to get stuff deployed. Instead, you can code the whole stack online, right in your browser, with hot-reloading.

  • Create beautiful Streamlit UIs

  • Write powerful backround jobs

  • Create notifications through Slack, Discord, email, etc.

  • Connect to any SaaS API or data warehouse and even scrape websites

  • Go live and share with the click of a button

Collaborate with ease

You don't need to spend your time helping collaborators with their local setup. Nor do you need to rely on screen sharing to explain what you mean. Instead, you can pull people right into your workspace.

  • Code together and see updates live

  • Discuss data and methods directly in context with domain experts

  • Update the app live as you discuss with users and experts

  • Anyone can contribute regardless of their coding skills (e.g adding data or updating text strings)

Maximize the impact of your modelling

Build apps powered by your best modelling. For instance, you can build apps that:

  • Continuously predict and periodically retrain any model type

  • Continuously learn with reinforcement learning

  • Surface model-driven insights when needed through Slack, Discord, email, or similar

Join a community of builders

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